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The Design Process

Our process provides a user-friendly, demonstration-based approach that ensures technical and non-technical clients alike understand exactly what is being developed, through visualisation and rapid prototyping.

An incremental demonstration-based approach allows us to model the requirements, and solution, before development and design start in earnest. This is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to work.

We are passionate about creating interactive online and offline applications that inspire, inform and effectively communicate your message to your audience.

Using a combination of Project Management, Creative Design and Technical Ability, you are guaranteed to get what you want.

The Process we adopt makes you and only you the boss, and you the client will be involved throughout every stage of the development from;

  • Project Inception and design
  • Initial project analysis
  • Confirm project objectives and define the project scope
  • Return estimate / costing and initial ideas to client
  • Review initial brief and costing with client
  • Revise and make required changes to project plan
  • Project Elaboration
  • Plan project
  • Set timescale and deadlines
  • Analyse competition and confirm competitive advantage
  • Determine target audience
  • Specify features, confirm design and baseline architecture
  • Build prototype for client and review with client
  • Project construction and development following evaluation and sign off
  • Testing for usability and functionality required to Complete Project
  • Deploy project, continued testing of system
  • User acceptance / Sign off, undertake modifications and updates
  • Carry out any training and maintenance that may be required

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T: +1-626-391-5787

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